Advice for sourcing sustainable products and packaging

Advice for sourcing sustainable products and packaging for your business

Every day our expert sourcing and technical teams are asked for specialist product and packaging advice from customers – from start-ups and small businesses launching new products, to large multinationals looking to rebrand, refresh, and restock. They are looking for guidance in sourcing the right product or bespoke packaging design, and the best, most sustainable solution for their brand.

Paper, glass, recycled, and recyclable plastics are all effective, sustainable packaging options and look fantastic with customised branding. Glass, in particular, is an excellent sustainable material and really making a comeback in the packaging market due to its high quality, premium look, and because it performs well on the shelves as consumers just love glass. 

Many brands – particularly those in the health, wellness, and beauty space – are also moving to beautiful biodegradable pouches as they are versatile in terms of printing and branding, they’re light and easy to transport, and are highly cost-effective. Other popular eco-friendly solutions are bamboo cups, composites, and aluminum packaging, as well as paper bottles.

Bubble wrap is no longer a sustainable solution used in packaging, transport, and logistics. At Blesbok Enterprises our expert technical team designs and sources customised, sustainable boxes with customised indents for any oddly shaped, fragile, or specialised products. These boxes are a more premium experience when the customer receives their package. 

If you’d like more insights, advice or inspiration on sustainable packaging ideas or if you need guidance in sourcing and custom designing the right product for your business, take a look at or reach out to me or any of our expert team. And if you’re a small-to-medium business, you might like to read this article on Officeworks’ Noteworthy information hub which offers great tips on how to reduce your environmental impact with sustainable packaging:

Designing, sourcing and producing beautiful, eco-friendly, recyclable packaging

Designing and sourcing beautiful, eco-friendly, recyclable pouches and boxes

Since the launch of One Eleven Health in 2021, co-founders Cassandra Matthews and Dylan Smith’s high quality, luxurious herbal adaptogenic powered drink elixirs are receiving rave reviews. Their herbal supplements are based on the wisdom of the oldest form of healthcare in the world, Ayurveda, dating back thousands of years.

One Eleven Health products are of the highest quality and potency, made with the highest-grade formulas in the world, with the finest ingredients. Each part of the product and packaging have been crafted consciously with love and devotion, and designed with intention to provide the highest value experience possible.

One Eleven has also gone to the next level to ensure every touchpoint is of the highest vibration and finest quality – whether that’s the delicious herbal formulations, the consciously crafted eco-friendly packaging, the unboxing experience, or the high-impact wellness content and education. The One Eleven experience is crafted with love and devotion, helping people to find their ‘bliss’.

Our team at Blesbok Enterprises is proud to be working in collaboration with One Eleven, to produce the beautifully designed, eco-friendly, recyclable pouches and boxes – all with the trademark stunning One Eleven gold design. Each packaging concept is designed to help people incorporate elite health products and practices easily and seamlessly into their daily life. To learn more, go to

And if you need to source or manufacture an innovative product or packaging solution for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. You’ll be in safe, knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted hands with our talented team at Blesbok Enterprises.

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Seeing first-hand what happens locally to recyclables after collection

Seeing first-hand what happens locally to recyclables after collection

Shout out to Randwick City Council for their Earth Hour 2023 Tour of the Randwick Recycle Centre in Matraville, Sydney. This was an invaluable opportunity for Blesbok Enterprises’ Technical Manager Yariv Ktalav to tour the facility and see what happens locally to recyclables after collection. In line with the APCO 2025 targets, the tour gave an insight into the recycling process of the Council, with a focus on Plastics.

The Recycle Centre currently collects around 25 different types of materials which are recycled in different ways, mostly by partnering with third parties who make use of the specific materials. Soft-plastics collected from residents are passed on to Plasmar who turn them into plastic products which have been tested for 50 years of life outdoors. The product can only be produced by extrusion, which is not suitable for processing soft plastics with an aluminium barrier layer (pouches). Styrofoam is another product collected and melted on the spot. ‘Blocks’ of the material are then recycled.

At Blesbok Enterprises we are passionate about recycling, upcycling and downcycling, and anything and everything to do with sustainability, not just because we care about the environment, but because we want to share the latest news, innovation and guidance with our customers when producing products, composites and packaging.

Thanks to Yaniv touring the recycling collection and sorting facility, we now have a heightened understanding of the complex process and its parameters, and can use these insights in the future.

And thank you to Anil Gupta, Randwick Council’s Waste and Sustainability Education Officer and Tour Supervisor for managing an informative and thought-provoking event.

To see some of the client projects we’ve managed, many of which feature sustainable elements in the product or packaging, visit

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Find the right partner to produce high quality, eye-catching packaging for your products

Find the right partner to produce high quality, eye-catching packaging for your products.

The Blesbok Enterprises team has stepped into 2023 the right way, getting on top of our beauty sleep, and feeling more energised with glowing skin now that we are working with Intu Wellness, sampling their amazing Sleep & Skin renewal!

Working with Intu Wellness co-founders – media personality Anna Robards and entrepreneur Christie Whitehill – and their talented team, we have had some fantastic face to face meetings over the past few months, pouring over colour charts and examining packaging samples together. We are thrilled to be manufacturing specialised tubs, sachets, cartons, influencer boxes, as well as cosmetic bags and a range of other exciting premiums for their amazing wellness products.

Just follow Intu Wellness on Facebook and Instagram to see their product range and look out for their new products and packaging (SKUs) in different colours and sizes, set to be launched later this year.

Blesbok customers are always welcome in our office for face to face meetings, and after what feels like an eternity on video calls, it is so nice to host our clients, and gather around our boardroom table to see and feel samples and various materials to make important decisions, progress projects.

Whether you are based in Sydney or located anywhere in Australia or around the globe our team at Blesbok Enterprises are experts in all aspects of packaging and promotion, whether it is for a new product launch, a rebrand or an exciting new marketing campaign.

Read more about our expertise, the customers we work with and how we work and please reach out to discuss how we can help you build your business.

Looking to source a product or packaging concept that will make your brand stand out? Blesbok Enterprises is your answer.

Looking to source a product or packaging concept that will make your brand stand out? Blesbok Enterprises is your answer.

What a thrill to see the new wel. beauty and vitamin gummies by Natures’ Way now in store!

A long-time client of Blesbok Enterprises, whose vitamins are different to anything else on the market, wel.’s brief was: “Our packaging has to be unique; it has to reflect the brand essence which is based on the 3 pillars of health – nutrition, exercise and sleep; importantly, it has to stand out on the shelves in store; and it has to be practical – easy to hold and perfect to throw into your bag while on the go.”

Yasmin Goldsmith of Nature’s Way also said: “We want to do something that hasn’t been done before – we want the wel. vitamin bottles and caps to be triangular in shape to reflect our brand essence – the three pillars of health and wellness.”

Yes, it was a challenge to design and manufacture a triangular shaped bottle and cap that would work seamlessly with the tooling and machines at the filling line. But that’s what we do best – Blesbok Enterprises shines when it comes to solving creative product and packaging solutions for our clients because we understand the entire production process.

My talented design and engineering team made numerous bottle and cap samples over many months, tweaking, modifying, and adjusting during testing phases at the filling line to get it perfect.

The end result is fantastic, and wel. customers love the new look and feel of the bottles – they are clever, unique, bright, and fun. You just grab your delicious vitamins and go!

Flavoured with real fruit puree and natural flavours, the wel. beauty and vitamin gummies are your best kept secret. There’s the Glowing Beauty Collagen Gummies; Unleash Energy Pastilles; Gorgeous Hair Skin Nails Pastilles and Balanced Multi Vitamin Pastilles.

It’s wel.ness done wel, carefully crafted for your health and wellbeing – and the packaging is carefully crafted to support wel.’s vision.

Available at Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse and Priceline nationally.

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Innovative product engineering brings huge business benefits to mining sector

Innovative product engineering brings huge business benefits to the mining sector

In an industry where reliability is crucial and the unplanned down time can result in millions of dollars lost over a single day, Blesbok Enterprises’ customer Elastotec is committed to the production and development of the highest quality, longest lasting wear products for the global mining industry. Their products are engineered to perform.

Elastotec’s wear panel systems not only provide the service life required by the mine site, but they also substantially reduce the time required to remove and install the liners.

By applying innovative engineering to Elastotec’s wear panel systems it enables mining companies to reduce down time (by up to 80%), maximise production output (with fast change out) and reduce OH&S risks (being easier and safer to install).

A range of stainless-steel bolts are used to secure the wear panels into the mine’s existing ore chutes. And Blesbok is proud to work with Elastotec, to design and engineer the innovative stud range, meeting their high demand for quality, performance, and tensile strength – essential for wear panels in the mining sector.

Whether you are in the mining, construction, or telecommunications sectors; you’re in pharmaceuticals, wellness, medical or beauty, or even if you’re a start-up, Blesbok’s expert team can help you design, source, and manufacture superior product solutions to make your business stand out from the competition.

Contact me or any of my talented team today for more insight into our expertise, our guarantee and how we work.

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There’s so many benefits working with a for-purpose organisation

There's so many benefits to working with a for-purpose organisation

Blesbok Enterprises is privileged to work with Sunnyfield Disability Services – an incredible for-purpose organisation, a registered NDIS provider working to enrich the lives of people with intellectual disability.

Among the extensive range of services available, Sunnyfield provides meaningful career opportunities and work-based training for people with disability, in areas such as warehousing and logistics, packaging and operations, which complements Blesbok’s business, perfectly.

We are proud to have received this testimonial from Jacinta Crimmins at Sunnyfield:

“Sunnyfield has been working with Blesbok for over 10 years and we couldn’t be happier. We find Elli Cohen and the team highly responsive and make every effort to support our ever-changing commercial demands. We highly recommend Blesbok Enterprises to other businesses looking to source and manufacture products and packaging concepts.”

Sunnyfield, the pleasure really is all ours. Working with you and your inspiring team is such a privilege.

Here’s to the next 10 years and beyond working together to deliver innovative, cost effective and efficient solutions for customers, while enriching the lives of people with disability through support that creates choice, opportunities, and skills for life.

If you’d like help with a product, packaging, sourcing or manufacturing quote for your business, please just reach out to me or my talented team.

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Trends and possibilities in sustainable packaging

Trends and possibilities in sustainable packaging

I recently read a McKinsey & Company article: “The drive toward sustainability in packaging – beyond the quick wins,” which discussed how concerns around single-use packaging waste is combining with other powerful trends to drive major changes in consumer packaging.

It highlighted that consumer awareness of packaging waste in oceans and landfills is driving this change and governments have started to respond to public concerns.

A key piece of advice was for organisations to ensure they have the right partnerships in place to respond to demands going forward.  

Blesbok Enterprises invests in true partnerships with our customers, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that meet changing consumer demands. From recycled plastics such as Post-Industrial Recycling (PIR), Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR) and BioPlastics such as Sugarcane, Polylactic Acid (PLA) and SEPPA, through to compostable pouches, and other packaging options such as bamboo, composite, aluminium and paper – we tailor packaging and product solutions to meet individual customer requirements and sustainability targets.

Sugarcane is increasingly used by many of the large pharmaceutical and FMCG companies. Also known as ‘Carbon Capture’ and ‘Green Plastic’ it is a plant-based HDPE, with no visible differences from traditional fossil-based HDPE, and yet it uses renewable energy from sugarcane by-products.

The options are environmental benefits are endless, so if you’d like to know more about trends and possibilities in sustainable packaging and product options for your business, please reach out or visit We’d love to be an invaluable partner in your journey to more sustainable solutions.

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How to bring a brand and packaging refresh to life

How to bring a brand and packaging refresh to life

Companies often approach Blesbok Enterprises when they are undergoing a brand refresh or evolving their packaging design – it’s one of our favourite projects to work on.

Long-time valued customer – Bioglan, a wholly Australian-owned natural health supplement brand and part of PharmaCare Laboratories – recently engaged Blesbok to work on a fresh new colour design for their vitamin packaging range.

The brief – led by Ashley Smith of PharmaCare – was to produce a new navy-blue bottle and new pearlescent white lid in four different sizes, which would look great and stand out on the shelves in-store, and be fully recyclable.

Ashley said: “My team had conducted market research and we knew the exact colours and design we wanted to produce to revitalise the Bioglan brand with a more contemporary look and feel. I knew I’d be in safe hands with Blesbok to make this happen.”

A brand refresh and colour change can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, customer preference and sales. The new Bioglan packaging is getting great feedback and strong results, making it easier for consumers to navigate the range, helping them choose the right vitamins to suit their health and lifestyle needs.

Our valued customers – such as Bioglan and PharmaCare – know that our team of experts are 100% committed to their specific sourcing and manufacturing project. We always focus on quality, efficiency, consistent and constant communication, and our trademark personal customer service at the very highest standard.

If you are considering a brand refresh, contact us, we’d love to help!

To find out more, go to:

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Turning a vision into reality

Turning a vision into reality

There are three things we are extremely passionate about at Blesbok Enterprises: 1. Turning a new concept into reality. 2. A satisfied client who loves their new product. 3. Satisfied customers who love our client’s new product. There is no better reward.

This is the story of AM+PM multivitamins by JSHealth. Back in 2018, Jessica Sepel and Dean Steingold approached Blesbok Enterprises with a vision for an innovative, dual packaging concept allowing their brand-new day and night multivitamins to connect two vitamin formulas in the one bottle. The AM vitamin would support energy production and overall well-being while the PM end of the bottle would help aid relaxation and support sleep.

The packaging is sleek, clever and practical – and customers continue to love it! Here’s what they have to say:

“The AM+PM bottle design is awesome – makes knowing which vitamin to take fast and easy.”

“JSHealth has made it so easy with such an innovative bottle so I can take each compartment with me as I need.”

“The dual container is a brilliant idea.”

The caps are made from 50% SEPPA – a bio-marine degradable plastic alternative resulting in reduction of fossil-based plastic and greenhouse gasses. And the bottles and caps are fully recyclable.

To learn more go to JSHealth

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