Are you looking to source high quality, cost-effective products and packaging solutions in any material including eco-friendly alternatives?

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Who is Blesbok?

We are a dedicated group of international sourcing professionals committed to delivering the best possible pricing and quality for your products, components and packaging solutions based on a focused, personal service. 

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years, with a strong track record of success, a great industry reputation, and we’re proud of the longstanding relationships we have with our clients and suppliers.

Our talented team are experts in sourcing, manufacturing, design and engineering, quality control management, logistics, distribution, consumer and B2B marketing.

Who chooses Blesbok Enterprises?

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Our customer sourcing projects

 No brief is too small, too large or too challenging for Blesbok Enterprises. We live for high-quality, cost-effective product sourcing, design and manufacturing solutions, working hand in hand with our clients to help them grow their businesses.

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Why Blesbok Enterprises?

Here’s 10 reasons… and our client testimonials, customer case studies, even our suppliers will give you plenty more!

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, you have everything to gain,

and nothing to lose by choosing Blesbok Enterprises as your trusted product sourcing partner.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, 

you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by choosing Blesbok as your trusted sourcing partner.

What we specialise in?

We have a team of experts who do all the groundwork to design, source, manufacture and distribute components, products and packaging for you, at competitive prices. Any product, any material, including eco-friendly solutions. For the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries, through to industrial and retail – we have a wealth of experience across every sector.

And we understand the business intricacies, government requirements and cultural differences when doing business to source and manufacture in China and Vietnam. We make it easy and accessible without any of the difficulties and risks, by managing all government regulations and fees needed to ensure delivery of the product to your door.

How we work with you?

We deliver a one-stop-shop service for the design, manufacture, quality control and supply of your product.

We gear supply to meet just-in-time requirements, providing local warehousing and distribution – because we have regular deliveries from Asia, there’s no need for full container load orders, saving you money and worry! 

The best part is there’s absolutely no risk for you. You have everything to gain because we guarantee our performance and every product supplied to you.

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