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The Blesbok Enterprises team has stepped into 2023 the right way, getting on top of our beauty sleep, and feeling more energised with glowing skin now that we are working with Intu Wellness, sampling their amazing Sleep & Skin renewal!

Working with Intu Wellness co-founders Рmedia personality Anna Robards and entrepreneur Christie Whitehill Рand their talented team, we have had some fantastic face to face meetings over the past few months, pouring over colour charts and examining packaging samples together. We are thrilled to be manufacturing specialised tubs, sachets, cartons, influencer boxes, as well as cosmetic bags and a range of other exciting premiums for their amazing wellness products.

Just follow Intu Wellness on Facebook and Instagram to see their product range and look out for their new products and packaging (SKUs) in different colours and sizes, set to be launched later this year.

Blesbok customers are always welcome in our office for face to face meetings, and after what feels like an eternity on video calls, it is so nice to host our clients, and gather around our boardroom table to see and feel samples and various materials to make important decisions, progress projects.

Whether you are based in Sydney or located anywhere in Australia or around the globe our team at Blesbok Enterprises are experts in all aspects of packaging and promotion, whether it is for a new product launch, a rebrand or an exciting new marketing campaign.

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