Seeing first-hand what happens locally to recyclables after collection

Shout out to Randwick City Council for their Earth Hour 2023 Tour of the Randwick Recycle Centre in Matraville, Sydney. This was an invaluable opportunity for Blesbok Enterprises’ Technical Manager Yariv Ktalav to tour the facility and see what happens locally to recyclables after collection. In line with the APCO 2025 targets, the tour gave an insight into the recycling process of the Council, with a focus on Plastics.

The Recycle Centre currently collects around 25 different types of materials which are recycled in different ways, mostly by partnering with third parties who make use of the specific materials. Soft-plastics collected from residents are passed on to Plasmar who turn them into plastic products which have been tested for 50 years of life outdoors. The product can only be produced by extrusion, which is not suitable for processing soft plastics with an aluminium barrier layer (pouches). Styrofoam is another product collected and melted on the spot. ‘Blocks’ of the material are then recycled.

At Blesbok Enterprises we are passionate about recycling, upcycling and downcycling, and anything and everything to do with sustainability, not just because we care about the environment, but because we want to share the latest news, innovation and guidance with our customers when producing products, composites and packaging.

Thanks to Yaniv touring the recycling collection and sorting facility, we now have a heightened understanding of the complex process and its parameters, and can use these insights in the future.

And thank you to Anil Gupta, Randwick Council’s Waste and Sustainability Education Officer and Tour Supervisor for managing an informative and thought-provoking event.

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