Turning a vision into reality

There are three things we are extremely passionate about at Blesbok Enterprises: 1. Turning a new concept into reality. 2. A satisfied client who loves their new product. 3. Satisfied customers who love our client’s new product. There is no better reward.

This is the story of AM+PM multivitamins by JSHealth. Back in 2018, Jessica Sepel and Dean Steingold approached Blesbok Enterprises with a vision for an innovative, dual packaging concept allowing their brand-new day and night multivitamins to connect two vitamin formulas in the one bottle. The AM vitamin would support energy production and overall well-being while the PM end of the bottle would help aid relaxation and support sleep.

The packaging is sleek, clever and practical – and customers continue to love it! Here’s what they have to say:

“The AM+PM bottle design is awesome – makes knowing which vitamin to take fast and easy.”

“JSHealth has made it so easy with such an innovative bottle so I can take each compartment with me as I need.”

“The dual container is a brilliant idea.”

The caps are made from 50% SEPPA – a bio-marine degradable plastic alternative resulting in reduction of fossil-based plastic and greenhouse gasses. And the bottles and caps are fully recyclable.

To learn more go to JSHealth

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