Looking to source a product or packaging concept that will make your brand stand out? Blesbok Enterprises is your answer.

What a thrill to see the new wel. beauty and vitamin gummies by Natures’ Way now in store!

A long-time client of Blesbok Enterprises, whose vitamins are different to anything else on the market, wel.’s brief was: “Our packaging has to be unique; it has to reflect the brand essence which is based on the 3 pillars of health – nutrition, exercise and sleep; importantly, it has to stand out on the shelves in store; and it has to be practical – easy to hold and perfect to throw into your bag while on the go.”

Yasmin Goldsmith of Nature’s Way also said: “We want to do something that hasn’t been done before – we want the wel. vitamin bottles and caps to be triangular in shape to reflect our brand essence – the three pillars of health and wellness.”

Yes, it was a challenge to design and manufacture a triangular shaped bottle and cap that would work seamlessly with the tooling and machines at the filling line. But that’s what we do best – Blesbok Enterprises shines when it comes to solving creative product and packaging solutions for our clients because we understand the entire production process.

My talented design and engineering team made numerous bottle and cap samples over many months, tweaking, modifying, and adjusting during testing phases at the filling line to get it perfect.

The end result is fantastic, and wel. customers love the new look and feel of the bottles – they are clever, unique, bright, and fun. You just grab your delicious vitamins and go!

Flavoured with real fruit puree and natural flavours, the wel. beauty and vitamin gummies are your best kept secret. There’s the Glowing Beauty Collagen Gummies; Unleash Energy Pastilles; Gorgeous Hair Skin Nails Pastilles and Balanced Multi Vitamin Pastilles.

It’s wel.ness done wel, carefully crafted for your health and wellbeing – and the packaging is carefully crafted to support wel.’s vision.

Available at Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse and Priceline nationally.

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