Advice for sourcing sustainable products and packaging for your business

Every day our expert sourcing and technical teams are asked for specialist product and packaging advice from customers – from start-ups and small businesses launching new products, to large multinationals looking to rebrand, refresh, and restock. They are looking for guidance in sourcing the right product or bespoke packaging design, and the best, most sustainable solution for their brand.

Paper, glass, recycled, and recyclable plastics are all effective, sustainable packaging options and look fantastic with customised branding. Glass, in particular, is an excellent sustainable material and really making a comeback in the packaging market due to its high quality, premium look, and because it performs well on the shelves as consumers just love glass. 

Many brands – particularly those in the health, wellness, and beauty space – are also moving to beautiful biodegradable pouches as they are versatile in terms of printing and branding, they’re light and easy to transport, and are highly cost-effective. Other popular eco-friendly solutions are bamboo cups, composites, and aluminum packaging, as well as paper bottles.

Bubble wrap is no longer a sustainable solution used in packaging, transport, and logistics. At Blesbok Enterprises our expert technical team designs and sources customised, sustainable boxes with customised indents for any oddly shaped, fragile, or specialised products. These boxes are a more premium experience when the customer receives their package. 

If you’d like more insights, advice or inspiration on sustainable packaging ideas or if you need guidance in sourcing and custom designing the right product for your business, take a look at or reach out to me or any of our expert team. And if you’re a small-to-medium business, you might like to read this article on Officeworks’ Noteworthy information hub which offers great tips on how to reduce your environmental impact with sustainable packaging: