Innovative product engineering brings huge business benefits to the mining sector

In an industry where reliability is crucial and the unplanned down time can result in millions of dollars lost over a single day, Blesbok Enterprises’ customer Elastotec is committed to the production and development of the highest quality, longest lasting wear products for the global mining industry. Their products are engineered to perform.

Elastotec’s wear panel systems not only provide the service life required by the mine site, but they also substantially reduce the time required to remove and install the liners.

By applying innovative engineering to Elastotec’s wear panel systems it enables mining companies to reduce down time (by up to 80%), maximise production output (with fast change out) and reduce OH&S risks (being easier and safer to install).

A range of stainless-steel bolts are used to secure the wear panels into the mine’s existing ore chutes. And Blesbok is proud to work with Elastotec, to design and engineer the innovative stud range, meeting their high demand for quality, performance, and tensile strength – essential for wear panels in the mining sector.

Whether you are in the mining, construction, or telecommunications sectors; you’re in pharmaceuticals, wellness, medical or beauty, or even if you’re a start-up, Blesbok’s expert team can help you design, source, and manufacture superior product solutions to make your business stand out from the competition.

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