Client: SUP Supplements

Product: 100% recyclable sustainable pouches

SUP Supplements (part of Liquefy Health), is on a mission to not just improve the health of people, but the health of the planet.

The Blesbok Brief:

To support SUP in transitioning its entire vitamins and supplement range to 100% recyclable packaging, by developing new sustainable vitamin pouches.

The Blesbok Solution:

We designed and developed eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, contemporary, and cost-effective pouches in 14 SKUs – each one more vibrant in colour than the next. The pouches use 85% less plastic than vitamin jars – an Australian first for the vitamin sector! The pouches are not only cost effective for SUP, the customers love how handy they are  – perfect for on-the-go whether they’re in your work bag or beach bag!

SUP is committed to leading the change to sustainability, encouraging others to follow, and Blesbok is extremely proud to be part of their mission. We are excited to be working on new concepts for 2021 and beyond – stay tuned!