P.S. We love you too!

It’s amazing for Blesbok to be part of revolutionary business concepts such as Pleasant State – a Sunshine Coast based, crowdfunded start-up that is working towards a sparkling clean world free of single-use plastics and toxic cleaning chemicals.

Working with the co-founders Ami Bateman and Sian Murray was a thrill – we designed a beautiful range of ergonomic yet practical glass bottles and trigger sprays for their environmentally friendly cleaning range which use special effervescent tablets mixed with water. 

My team negotiated hard with our manufacturer to bring down MOQs, we offered a long term payment plan and sourced a solution that not only Pleasant State was proud of, but their crowdfunders and customers loved as well! Just check out the comments’ on the bottle design on any of their sites.

This is the future of cleaning, and a revolution that will help clean up our oceans and planet!

No brief is too small or too challenging for my team at Blesbok Enterprises. We love a challenge, we live for sourcing, design and manufacturing to solve a problem and find the right solution. And P.S we love our clients and their stories… and hope you do too.

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