Packaging Sourced: Eco-friendly, recyclable pouches and boxes with trademark gold design

Since the launch of One Eleven Health in 2021, co-founders Cassandra Matthews and Dylan Smith’s high quality, luxurious herbal adaptogenic powered drink elixirs are receiving rave reviews. Their herbal supplements are based on the wisdom of the oldest form of healthcare in the world, Ayurveda, dating back thousands of years.

The Blesbok Packaging Brief:

For the Blesbok Enterprises team to help One Eleven Health design, source and produce beautiful, eco-friendly, recyclable pouches and boxes, all with the trademark stunning One Eleven Health gold design. And for each packaging concept to help people incorporate elite health products and practices easily and seamlessly into their daily life.

The Blesbok Packaging Solution:

Working closely with the team at One Eleven Health, our Blesbok Enterprises team designed, sourced, manufactured and delivered a range of recyclable, high quality pouches and boxes for their luxurious herbal adaptogenic powered drink elixirs. 

As One Eleven Health products are of the highest quality and potency, made with the highest-grade formulas in the world, with the finest ingredients, each part of the product and packaging have been crafted consciously with love and devotion, and designed with intention to provide the highest value experience possible.