Client: NUZEST

Packaging Sourced: Customised HDPE tubs and lids

Nuzest is an Australian company, operating globally, providing premium plant based nutritional supplements designed to give your body what it needs to stay healthy and active.

The Blesbok Packaging Brief:

Blesbok Enterprises was engaged to source customised, high quality tubs for Nuzest’s range of food supplements – Good Green Vitality, Clean Lean Protein and Kids Good Stuff. Their request was for the high-quality packaging to help the supplements range look great stand out on the shelves!

The Blesbok Packaging Solution:

Working closely with the Nuzest team, we designed, sourced,  manufactured and delivered high quality, customised, HDPE tubs and lids in four specific sizes. Both Nuzest and their customers love the look and feel of the packaging. The tubs are easy to spot on the shelves and the brand is easily recognisable. A win for all.