Packaging Sourced: Specialised tubs, sachets, cartons, influencer boxes and cosmetic bags

Founded by media personality Anna Robards and entrepreneur Christie Whitehill, INTU WELLNESS has a team of experts, naturopaths and scientists who formulate high quality, great tasting and effective supplements to make looking after your skin and health, easy and enjoyable.
It’s called ‘Intuitive Beauty.’

The Blesbok Packaging Brief:

Working with INTU WELLNESS co-founders and good friends Anna Robards and Christie Whitehill, and their talented team, they wanted high-quality packaging concepts which would make their products stand out and be a great representation of their product and brand values.

The brief was for high-quality, bright-coloured tubs, sachets, cartons, influencer boxes, and cosmetic bags in a range of SKUs in different colours and sizes, with more to be launched in 2023.

The Blesbok Packaging Solution:

Our expert team had fantastic face-to-face meetings with Anna and Christie, pouring over colour charts and examining packaging samples together to get the INTU WELLNESS packaging range perfect.

We produced beautiful, specialised tubs, sachets, cartons, influencer boxes, cosmetic bags and a range of other exciting premiums for their wellness products which the team at INTU Wellness and their customers love.

Just follow INTU WELLNESS on Facebook and Instagram to see their full product range and while you’re at it, get on top of your beauty sleep this year with their Sleep & Skin Renewal.

INTU WELLNESS is on a mission to help you feel awake as the alarm goes off, energised to take on the day and to feel confident in your skin.