Component Sourced: Equipment enclosures and transformer electricity cabinets

Since 1973 Fibreglass Engineering Industries has been the composite industry professionals; specialising in equipment enclosures; pump shelters; switchgear kiosks; cable protectors, hydrant housings and a broad range of equipment cabinets. FGEI was Blesbok’s very first customer in 2002 and they are a loyal and valued client still today!

The Blesbok Component Brief:

To design and manufacture the perfect lightweight and secure equipment enclosures and transformer electricity cabinets for Fibreglass Engineering.

The Blesbok Component Solution:

Our team manufacture high quality, lightweight, high strength, and easy to install equipment enclosures, which provide excellent access and ventilation for cooling as well as good security, meeting various IP ratings. Each enclosure offers maximum flexibility in dimensional variation with most ends interchangeable around a fixed centre section. They will not rust or corrode and they won’t conduct electricity under normal conditions. It’s a great collaboration in industry-leading design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution.