Product Sourced: Custom-made containers

Beyond Ag’s mission is to reshape the global food system through sustainable agriculture. Compared to composting, the Beyond Ag system is 10x faster, produces 70% less pollution and produces 40x more valuable products. It’s an innovative, scalable and fascinating process.

The Blesbok Product Brief:

Blesbok Enterprises was engaged to design and produce bespoke tubs and containers to house Beyond Ag’s Black Soldier Flies, transforming food waste into protein and all-natural and organic fertiliser, generating tons of sustainable feed for farms across Australia.

The Blesbok Product Solution:

Through close client consultation, and having a deep understanding of the product, process and end goal, Blesbok Enterprises’ engineering team designed the exact specifications required for the 2,000 custom-made tubs, to provide optimal results at the best possible price. Our team designed, sourced and even delivered 3D-printed prototypes to conduct hours of testing to ensure the design specs were perfect – which they are! It’s the perfect custom-made product and a great example of our team’s commitment to collaboration, quality and customer satisfaction.