A trusted sourcing partnership

Blesbok Enterprises is proud to be a trusted sourcing partner of Nuzest since 2015, manufacturing customised, high quality tubs and lids for their food supplements – Good Green Vitality, Clean Lean Protein and Kids Good Stuff.

An Australian company, operating globally, Nuzest brings together the best of nutritional science and nature to make good nutrition easy for everyone. The products are formulated by highly qualified health practitioners and nutritional scientists, and endorsed by many sportspeople, celebrities and health-conscious consumers who are particular about quality and efficacy.

With the highest levels of ongoing testing and quality assurance, working with Nuzest is the ideal partnership. Thank you to Trevor Bolland, Chris Barge and the fabulous Nuzest team.

At Blesbok we guarantee all our products and services, carrying out continuous quality control testing, which is why our clients love working with us.

We guarantee quality, security, confidentiality, and all at zero risk for our clients – whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business. There’s just complete trust that we will get the job done and done extremely well, every time.

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