About US

The management of the company has vast experience in both manufacturing and the import/export business, coupled with more than 70 years of active and successful commercial history. With a fast track interest in China, Blesbok was established as a customer-focused international sourcing company.

Customer Confidentiality, Product Security and Intellectual Property

We manage all our dealings with our Chinese partners who are aware of the need for integrity. This is a key aspect to our relationship with you. In special circumstance we get components made in several different factories, none of whom are aware of the final product. We visit China and the appropriate factories regularly, maintaining and building personal relationships.

Blesbok respects the confidentiality of our customers; we therefore avoid naming our customers on this website. We have, however, extensive experience across multiple industries including:

  • General manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Electrical
  • Engineering
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Health care equipment
  • Promotional products
  • Building and Construction, and
  • Agriculture