Doing business in China

We understand the Chinese way of doing business. We make China accessible without any of the difficulties and risks. We manage all government regulations and fees that are needed to ensure delivery of the product to your door.

How we work with our Chinese factories

We work with small to medium sized manufacturers who have capacity, are keen to work with us and are geared and willing for moderate sized orders. We deal directly with the factories, visiting them regularly. Because we deal directly with the factories, we achieve optimum prices. We keep in daily touch with China, keeping track of your product through the development, sampling and manufacturing stages.

There are price reasons for importing products from China?

An increasing world trend is that manufacturing is moving to developing economies, with China leading on the factory front. Our service places you in a position of competitiveness in an increasing global market economy. As a general rule - the more labour your product requires to manufacture, the more cost savings you may realise.

There are logistical reasons for importing products from China?

Importing from China will eliminate possible issues such as:

  • • Insurance and local government regulatory
  • • Manufacturing staff shortages
  • • Mould and tooling manufacture and storage
  • • Wastage issues due to shrinkage
  • • Difficulty in understanding your real costs
  • • Controlling or eliminating manufacturing overheads
  • • Your costs are known – nothing is hidden or needs to be estimated
  • • Your supply is simple and seamless